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A Message From Our CEO

At UUSA, our mission is to deliver trusted, safe, and innovative enrichment services for a sustainable, net zero world. We are known as the national enrichment facility and are the only commercial uranium enrichment facility in north America. UUSA currently provides 1/3 of the US demand for enrichment services and we are committed to doing our part to ensure energy security for this nation. Our multi-billion dollar facility, proven technology, and dedicated U.S. workforce is ready for the future.

Safety is our number one priority and is engrained into everything we do at UUSA. Our strong nuclear safety culture is often noted by our customers and stakeholders as they tour our world class facility.

UUSA is poised to provide the enriched uranium and advanced fuels necessary to power the next-generation of nuclear reactors. We are on track to provide higher levels of enriched uranium and are responding to current market demands with strategic investments.

Our organization also understands the importance of good corporate citizenship and we are proud of our prime location in the heart of our nation’s EnergyPlex: Eunice, New Mexico. Through financial giving, educational outreach, scholarships and internships, annual volunteer projects, and more, we have built enduring relationships of support with our state and local community.

The demand for our business has never been greater and our customers can confidently trust that UUSA keeps our promises. Our perfect record of delivering our product safely and on-schedule for over a decade speaks for itself. We are proud to do our part in providing clean energy to the world.

Have a safe day,

Karen Fili
President & CEO of UUSA