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Key Facts

47% of new UUSA employees in 2021 were hired from the local community.

UUSA provides 1/3 of the U.S. demand for enrichment services

UUSA employees perform an average of 2,100 hours of community service each year

UUSA contributes $500k in sponsorships and donations to the local community each year

1,600 students participate in UUSA’s Richie Enrichment Science Workshops annually

UUSA awards $5,000 in scholarships to local students annually

UUSA provides enough fuel to produce 22.8GWh of electricity per year

UUSA has been the largest contributor to the United Way of Lea County since 2008

UUSA employees have contributed 
2.5 million dollars in cumulative donations to the United Way of Lea County

If a racing car was as reliable as a UUSA centrifuge, it could travel non-stop at over 2,000mph for 15 years without a pit stop

Since 2012, we have met 100% of our customer delivery commitments

ONE nuclear fuel pellet the size of your fingertip produces as much energy as 1 tonne of coal

The 10 highest electricity-consuming countries in the world include nuclear in their energy mix