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UUSA Supports Sustainability with New Electric Vehicles

30 September 2022

This year, Urenco’s global team announced our company’s intent to achieve Net Zero, a state of carbon neutrality in which the amount of greenhouse gases produced by our activities are balanced by our removal of emissions. As a leader in the nuclear industry, our goal is not only to deliver a new carbon-free energy future through nuclear technologies – we also plan to minimize our own impact on the environment through our Sustainable Development Goals.

Recently, our facility took another step towards a sustainable future – purchasing three new electric vehicles (two cars and one van) to add to our site fleet. Much like the current company cars, these new vehicles will be available to site personnel for work-related use. In fact, the new electric van has already been of great use, ferrying visitors around our facility during site tours.

All the new vehicles can be easily charged at any of the four electric charging stations in front of UUSA’s Campus Commons Building (CCB). With many UUSA employees already utilizing these charging stations for their personal vehicles, UUSA is hopeful that the addition of these new vehicles will inspire others to make the switch to hybrid or all-electric transportation alternatives.

“I’m proud we’re taking this journey towards Net Zero together,” stated UUSA’s President and CEO Karen Fili. “UUSA is poised to provide a unique service—not just to our industry, but to the world. We can help bring about a more sustainable, energy-secure future and I think the first step is ensuring our operations are as clean and green as possible.”

Pictured: Delivery of two of UUSA’s new electric vehicles to our site.