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UUSA’s 500th Product Shipment

23 June 2022

UUSA recently completed the 500th consecutive safe and on-time shipment of enriched uranium. The special product cylinders left the UUSA facility in Eunice on a long haul truck on the morning of Friday, May 20 and arrived at a fuel production facility in Richland, Washington on Monday, May 23.

President and CEO of UUSA, Karen Fili, said, “This is a great day for UUSA as we celebrate this milestone, our safe delivery record, and our commitment to our customers. We are proud to continue to do our part in providing clean energy to the world.”

Each year, UUSA enriches enough uranium to generate seven percent of the total U.S. electricity use. With our first shipment in March of 2012, UUSA has been safely transporting our product for over a decade and delivers on average, 300 cylinders of product each year. 

Pictured: The UUSA Logistics team poses next to the 500th product shipment.