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UUSA breaks ground on solar array

21 August 2023

On August 15, Urenco USA (UUSA) broke ground on a 0.5 MW solar array to off-set UUSA’s electric usage. “As a company we are committed to Net Zero by 2040 through the significant contribution to the production of carbon free energy as a key part of the nuclear fuel cycle and through the reduction of our own carbon emissions as well as those within our value chain,” said Karen Fili, President & CEO of UUSA.

In addition to the solar array, UUSA has been adding electric vehicles (EV) to their fleet and replacing industrial vehicles with electric models. EV charging stations were already available at UUSA for employee use and more stations will be added throughout the site to support the new fleet vehicles.

“This is an exciting day because this will be first of many milestone events that we will have at UUSA,” continued Fili. Along with the strategic initiative of Net Zero, UUSA is also moving forward on capacity expansion and advanced fuels projects.