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UUSA Expands Electric Vehicle Fleet

05 October 2023

Last year, shortly after Urenco announced its commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2040, UUSA began growing its electric vehicle (EV) fleet with two Hyundai Ioniq cars and a Ford Transit passenger van. These purchases allowed UUSA to make great strides toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals by minimizing its environmental impact.

Recently, UUSA expanded its EV fleet by purchasing four electric Ford Lightning F-150 trucks to be used by multiple departments on the UUSA site. The Lightnings are equipped with a Mega Power Frunk (front trunk) with four electrical outlets and two USB chargers, making the F-150 available as a portable workstation or emergency resource for UUSA’s maintenance, security and safety departments. The 220-volt on-board power also makes the Lightnings an excellent replacement for on-site gas generators.

In addition to the Ford Lightnings, two Logistics Yard Trucks were purchased in the Summer of 2023 to replace the use of diesel-powered trucks to move the 30B and 48Y cylinders throughout the UUSA site. Plant modifications are in the works to install larger chargers for the Yard Trucks by the end of 2023. UUSA currently has three standard electric vehicle charging stations. Roger Curiel, Net Zero Project Manager, shared that there are plans to add up to 24 charging stations in the front of the plant and 20-30 more stations throughout the site for employee use.

Future Net Zero initiatives include adding two more Ford Lightnings in the coming weeks and an additional seven before the end of 2023, bringing the EV fleet size to 18 vehicles and closer to our Net Zero goals.

Another step UUSA is taking toward their Net Zero goals is the installation of a Solar Array. Surveys were conducted on-site on September 28, and mobilization to begin construction is expected in the next few weeks. Installation details, as well as a schedule of progress, will be shared soon.

Pictured: UUSA's four new Ford F-150 Lightnings