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UUSA’s Leadership Team Visits Santa Fe

10 February 2023

Recently, members of UUSA’s leadership team traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico to meet with state officials and provide updates about the future of UUSA.

“I’m always proud to share updates about our site with our state officials,” stated UUSA’s President & CEO, Karen Fili. “This year, I was especially excited to discuss our future strategic initiatives, including advanced fuels and the ways UUSA contributes to energy security.”

As the only operating commercial nuclear enrichment facility in North America, UUSA is working towards providing LEU+ (5.5% to 10% enriched uranium) and HALEU (10% to 19.75% enriched uranium) as fuel for advanced and research reactors. UUSA is well positioned to provide cost-effective and efficient enrichment options for the nuclear industry.

Fili shared: “UUSA’s strategic initiatives continue to progress as planned and we look forward contributing our part to energy security in the United States.”