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UUSA Celebrates 100 Days Without an MTI / LTI

06 October 2021

In celebration of 100 days without an MTI / LTI on-site, UUSA invited all site personnel to attend a special Safety Appreciation Drive Through event. The event helped recognize the site’s safety efforts.

During the event, site personnel received a boxed lunch and a bag filled with safety items. Steve Byers, Mac Bacon, and Eric Johnson all also received a golden ticket, which got them an extra prize: a car charger battery. There are still two golden tickets unaccounted for, so those who attended the event should carefully check their bags to see if they might also be a lucky winner!

“There was such a great turn-out for this event,” shared Lisa Hardison, Manager of Communications and Public Relations. “And it was so great to see everyone’s smiling faces in-person again. We’re so glad to be able to celebrate our Number One Priority of Safety together as a team.”