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UUSA Celebrates Safety Day

21 October 2022

On Thursday, October 20, UUSA’s Employee Safety Committee (ESC) hosted the 2022 Safety Day.

Safety is our number one priority and each year Safety Day helps encourage our team to keep safety top-of-mind. This year, over 300 UUSA employees and site contractors participated in seven interactive safety booths, including:

  • a hazard identification booth that challenged participants to identify potential safety risks
  • a distracted driving booth that illustrated the dangers of driving under the influence
  • a chemistry booth that provided helpful insights about the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting
  • a security booth where participants could conduct a bag-search to identify prohibited items
  • a Human Performance booth that demonstrated the cost of multi-tasking
  • a STAR trainer booth showing the importance of clarity in procedures
  • a fire safety booth where participants could discharge a fire extinguisher at a live fire
  • an open house of the UUSA Gym to encourage health and wellness

After participating in the booths, site personnel were treated to a delicious lunch of street tacos and then listened to Jack Becker, a motivational safety speaker who specializes in Safety and Human Performance in high-performance/high-consequence environments. 

Pictured: J. Ordonez fights a fire at the Fire Trainer booth