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Congratulations to UUSA Graduates of INPO First Line Leadership Training

26 March 2024

In early March, UUSA had the opportunity to host a remote training location for INPO’s First Line Leadership Training in Hobbs, NM. This four-day leadership training was provided to twenty-four UUSA Employees and seven participants from General Electric Nuclear Fuels (GNF). GNF, a partner in the Nuclear fuel cycle, processes enriched uranium into nuclear fuel pellets for power plants.

The INPO First Line Leadership training, geared towards current supervisors and emerging leaders, offers a variety of learning activities and breakout sessions. Key themes from the seminar include inspirational leadership, coaching, observations and standards, communication, and integrity.

While here, UUSA facilitated a site tour for those visiting from GNF. Congratulations to all twenty-four UUSA graduates of INPO First Line Leadership Training.