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Advanced Fuels Announcement

08 May 2024

Today, the UK Government announced funding of £196m to Urenco to support the build of an advanced fuels facility at our Capenhurst enrichment site in the northwest of England.

HALEU is uranium enriched up to 20% and will be needed to fuel advanced reactor designs, providing clean, cheap and secure nuclear energy.

Boris Schucht, CEO of Urenco, said: “The responsibility the nuclear industry has to help governments and customers to achieve climate change and energy security goals is clear. 

“We welcome this government investment, which will help accelerate the development of a civil HALEU commercial market and in-turn the development of the next generation of nuclear power plants. These plants will have even higher safety standards and lend themselves to quicker licensing and construction processes.

Urenco has the knowledge and experience to play a leading role in the production of HALEU and other advanced fuels, operating securely under inter-governmental treaties to ensure the peaceful use and safeguarding of nuclear technology.”

Urenco is continuing to take a dual-track approach of pursuing both the UK and US advanced fuels markets. Urenco recently responded to the US Department of Energy’s Request for Proposals to develop and acquire HALEU enrichment services.”

See the full announcement from the UK Government’s Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), here.