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UUSA achieves 50 Million SWU Milestone

15 March 2024

UUSA achieves 50 Million SWU Milestone

On March 14, 2024, Urenco USA reached a milestone of enriching it’s 50 millionth Separative Work Unit (SWU) of uranium. SWU defines the effort required in the uranium enrichment process, in which uranium isotopes U235 and U238 are separated.

UUSA centrifuges have been in production since June 2010 helping to create energy security for the US. Each year, UUSA provides nearly one-third of the US needs for enriched uranium.

To put the large quantity of 50 Million SWU into perspective, UUSA Chief Nuclear Officer Paul Lorskulsint stated, “Stacked end to end, the product containers would stretch over 6 miles and could power every home in the US for three years.”

Congratulations UUSA!